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Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation

Many clients of our law firm want to know some of the basics about the Wisconsin workers’ compensation system. Here is some brief information regarding claims for injured workers in the state. We invite you to reach out to our experienced attorney, Paul M. Erspamer, to get more specific information for your case.

What Injuries Are Covered By Workers’ Comp?

In short, almost anything and everything. Wisconsin’s no-fault laws basically say that injured workers will be eligible to recover compensation for on-the-job injuries and illnesses, regardless of who was at fault. (There are some situations where employees may bring claims against third parties for their injuries, but we will save that discussion for when we review your case.)

Injuries and illnesses suffered while working can mean things that directly result from an immediate event or conditions that worsen over time due to performing your job duties. We would be happy to review your case to help you determine if you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

What Sort Of Benefits Are Available To Me?

If you are eligible for workers’ comp payments, you are entitled to receive compensation for your medical bills, as well as payments for your lost wages while you are unable to work. The amount and duration of those payments will depend upon several factors that are spelled out in the workers’ compensation laws.

Additionally, if you are disabled due to your workplace injury, you could receive temporary or permanent disability benefits. These payments can be very difficult to obtain, and it is a good idea to speak to us to determine if you qualify to receive these awards.

What Workers Are Protected By Workers’ Compensation Laws?

Almost all workers in Wisconsin are covered by the state’s workers’ compensation laws. If you work for a company (that is not a farm) that has more than three employees, the act applies to you. There are a few exceptions for individuals who work for the federal government, veterans’ hospitals or interstate railroads.

When Must I Notify My Employer Of My Injury?

As soon as possible. Every injury, no matter how minor, should be reported to your supervisor. In the event your condition requires medical attention, you will have the documentation you need to establish that your injury was suffered while working.

You have a limited amount of time to bring a workers’ comp claim. If you fail to follow the workers’ compensation requirements regarding your injuries, you could be prevented from recovering the benefits that you are entitled to under state law.

Want Specific Legal Advice For Your Case?

All of this is just general information that you can use to decide whether or not you need to know more about your situation, and we invite you to reach out to us to discuss the options available to you. Please call our Wauwatosa office at 414-727-7003 or send us an email to arrange your free consultation with our experienced lawyer.