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Why Hire A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

There are many injured workers who try to handle their claims without consulting an experienced lawyer. These workers do not understand the advantages of having a committed advocate on their side throughout the entire process.

At Paul M. Erspamer Law Offices, S.C., we wanted to discuss some of the important reasons to hire an attorney to handle your workers’ compensation case. As always, we welcome your calls and emails to arrange a time where we can discuss how we can help you get the benefits you are entitled to under the workers’ compensation laws.

The Process Can Be Confusing

There are many specific procedures that you will need to follow if you apply for workers’ comp benefits. It can be very difficult to understand what things you need to do to ensure that you are protecting your potential claims for compensation.

With an experienced lawyer on your side, you will have someone available to explain what is happening to you. Your attorney can tell you more about your rights, and stand up for you when your case runs into a roadblock.

At Paul M. Erspamer Law Offices, S.C., we limit our practice exclusively to workers’ compensation cases. Our founder, Paul M. Erspamer, has more than three decades of experience helping injured workers. We will make sure you get the help you deserve.

Insurers Are Not Going To Make Things Easy For You

While the workers’ compensation laws in Wisconsin carefully spell out your employer’s responsibilities in your case, their insurance company may not cooperate. They may routinely try to devalue your case and offer you less compensation than you are entitled to receive. Additionally, they may even try to have you return to work before you have had the opportunity to recover from your injuries.

When you have an attorney, you will have an advocate committed to protecting your rights in battles with these insurers. This means that they will have to honor their obligations under the law. We can help you make sure that your case gets the respect it deserves.

We Can Get Right To Work If Your Case Is Appealed

In some circumstances, an injured worker may not get the result that he or she feels is right in regards to workplace injury claims. If you handled your case on your own, you will have to find an attorney to step in and take over for you at appeal. If you had an attorney working with you from the very beginning, they could be up to speed on your case, ready to present your claim. You may have even been able to avoid being put in this position in the first place, as your attorney may have been able to successfully resolve your claim very early on in the process.

Do You Want To Discuss Your Workplace Injury Case?

We invite you to call our Wauwatosa office at 414-727-7003 or send us an email to arrange your free consultation with experienced workers’ compensation lawyer Paul M. Erspamer. We can help you understand all of your options regarding your case.