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Recovering Permanent Disability Benefits For Your Workplace Injury

While many employees who are hurt in a workplace accident are able to make a full recovery, a considerable percentage of those injured employees sustain permanent physical damage. Those debilitating injuries often prevent individuals from performing the work duties they had prior to the accident — or hinder them from working altogether.

Workers disabled due to on-the-job accidents may be entitled to permanent disability benefits, but this is an extremely complicated process. Going through things on your own could leave you frustrated and may result in you receiving less compensation than you are entitled to under the law. An experienced attorney can help you take the right steps in your case.

For more than 30 years, founder Paul M. Erspamer has been helping employees suffering from life-altering, debilitating injuries receive permanent disability benefits. Highly knowledgeable of Wisconsin’s workers’ compensation program, attorney Paul M. Erspamer has spent several years helping injured employees throughout the greater Milwaukee area understand their legal options and determine the benefits they are entitled to under state law.

When Can You Receive Permanent Disability Benefits?

You are entitled to permanent partial disability benefits from your employer’s insurance company only after your treating stage has ended — determined by a permanent partial disability rating from your treating doctor. Your benefits are dependent on the severity of your debilitating injury, and are calculated using a state statute formula.

Your permanent disability rating is determined by what region of your body was injured. Most permanently injured employees suffer from work-related neck and back injuries, repetitive motion and lifting injuries and work-related diseases.

If you have work-related injury that is not permanently debilitating, please learn about how we handle temporary disability benefits claims.

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