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Representing You In Your Lost Wage Claim

Wisconsin’s no-fault workers’ compensation system is set up to provide you with benefits when you have been hurt on the job and you are unable to work. This system allows you to receive financial compensation for your lost wages resulting from the time you are unable to work during your healing period.

The amount and duration of these benefits depends on several factors, and insurance companies have many tricks that they try to use to undervalue your claim. If you have been hurt at your workplace, you need an experienced lawyer to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Attorney Paul M. Erspamer has spent more than 30 years assertively advancing the lost wage claims of injured workers just like you. From our office in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, we assist people in the greater Milwaukee area and across Wisconsin with their workers’ comp claims.

What You Need To Know About Your Case

Using a formula, your lost wage benefits are calculated at the rate of two-thirds of your gross average weekly wages. Other items are usually considered as well, like overtime pay and medical and dental insurance that is automatically deducted from your paychecks.

We will work with you to answer your questions regarding your lost wages such as:

  • Who pays for my lost wages when I am not working?
  • What factors are examined when determining my lost wage benefits?
  • What happens if I work overtime?
  • Do part-time employees get benefits too?

Like with all workers’ compensation claims, you must have medical support and documentation to back up your work-related injury or illness. We will work with you and your doctors to ensure that the appropriate treatment information is being considered when the insurance company is figuring out how much compensation you should get for your lost wages.

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