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Repetitive movements and bursitis

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

Bursitis is a joint-related issue that is often seen in middle-aged adults. Sometimes, it’s known by other names, including tennis elbow. However, it can also be seen in other body parts, like the shoulders, knees and hips. Workers in Wisconsin should be aware that bursitis can be caused by repetitive motions. It has even been linked to certain careers like carpentry.

The basics of bursitis

At every joint, there are small, fluid-filled sacs designed to act as cushioning. A single sac is known as a bursa. Bursitis occurs when one of these bursae becomes irritated and inflamed. Bursitis can be linked to the use of some drugs or to conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, but repeated movements are a very common cause.

One of the best ways to approach bursitis is to try to prevent it. The risk of developing bursitis can be mitigated by working smarter, not harder. For example, taking adequate rest breaks is important. Stretching and opening up after doing detailed work in a crouched position is a best practice. Having proper posture is key for maintaining good alignment.

Most crucially, if a motion causes pain, workers should find a way to modify the motion. Using items like kneeling pads can help to prevent bursitis. If symptoms like pain and swelling don’t go away, it’s important to get medical advice. Physicians may be able to prescribe braces or other devices that can help make bursitis bearable.

Getting compensation for bursitis treatment

Workplace injuries can be caused by poor training, a lack of PPE and inadequate breaks during a shift. There are instances where bursitis can be linked to all of these issues. Workers negatively impacted by bursitis should consider contacting an attorney. A lawyer may be able to help them pursue a claim for various types of damages.