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Tips for using a trash compactor safely

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | Injuries

In your workplace, you have a commercial trash compactor that you have to use each shift. It’s your job to take out the trash from the shift and to make sure it is compacted correctly.

As part of your job duties, you can’t avoid using the heavy machinery. It is important that you have the right training. Compactors can be extremely dangerous, and it is vital that you and other employees know how to use them correctly.

Here are four tips to avoid injuries from commercial trash compactors.

1. Don’t overload the machinery

The first thing to look at on the machinery is the load limit. If the machine is too full, don’t add more trash until it is emptied professionally.

2. Use the right safety equipment

When you’re operating the machinery, you should never put your limbs into the compactor. Use long sticks or rods to maneuver trash for a better fit.

3. When you get to the compactor, listen for animals

Something a lot of people don’t realize is that animals may get in to the compactor and try to eat whatever is in the trash. If you hear movement, don’t run the machinery. Call for assistance.

4. Use a buddy system

Trash compactors generally have emergency stop levers or buttons, but they won’t always be easy to reach if you’ve somehow gotten caught in the compactor. Always work in a buddy system so that there is someone there to help if the worst was to happen.

These are four tips to help you work safely with a trash compactor. If you do get hurt, remember that you may be able to seek workers’ compensation.