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How to establish a safe workspace

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2020 | Workplace Safety

For companies in Wisconsin looking to set up a workplace safety program, OSHA offers a list of steps that can make the program as efficient and effective as possible. From the beginning, employers should make health and safety one of the core values of their business. They should emphasize safety whenever possible and encourage a culture of safety in the workplace. They should also encourage their employees to come to them for help at any time.

Once they’ve started dedicating themselves to workplace safety, employers should set an example for the rest of their team. They should model safe practices at every opportunity and talk about it with their employees. They should also train their employees to practice safety on their own and inspect each job site to make sure that it’s free of hazards.

To keep the entire team involved, employers can ask their workers for suggestions on making the workplace safer. They can also seek input on any major changes that they plan to make. Employers should see their plan as a “work in progress” that might need changes and improvements over time. Finally, employers should always have a plan for emergency situations like fires, earthquakes, chemical spills, deaths and injuries, and more. They should communicate their plans to employees and place instructions where workers can easily find them.

If an employee suffers from a workplace injury, they might be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, some employers might choose to withhold benefits, fire the employee after the injury or refuse to pay wages while the employee is on leave. If this happens, the employee may find it beneficial to speak with an attorney. The attorney might be able to help the employee bring a lawsuit against the company and negotiate for their fair share of benefits.