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Most important tips for construction site safety

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Workplace Safety

Construction workers in Wisconsin face a host of dangers. Scaffolding may collapse, trenches may cave in, ladders may touch power lines and objects may be dropped. Power tools may be defective, and workers may slip without the right footwear. It’s essential, then, that employers first raise awareness of all the hazards and then train their workers accordingly. There are OSHA Safety Check Lists to help in this.

The following are just some other safety tips that construction employers need to consider. One is to increase communication between workers via walkie-talkies, headsets or smartphones. This can facilitate hazard reporting and ensure that employees are following safety regulations. Even more important is the presence of a supervisor to correct those who break the rules.

Well-maintained machinery and materials are crucial as well. This includes personal protective equipment like hard hats, gloves and harnesses. Employers should provide plenty of water and shade to prevent heat exhaustion and help workers stay alert.

Besides adequate training, employers must ensure that anyone taking on a specialized task, such as blasting, has the proper certification. Any safety measures that are implemented should be thoroughly documented. Should an accident occur, companies must practice transparency and not cover it up. To prevent accidents, employers could try to be innovative in their safety practices.

There’s no such thing as 100% workplace safety, though, which is why employers here carry workers’ compensation insurance. Injured employees, assuming that their injuries are work-related and that they promptly reported the incident to their employer, can be eligible for benefits.. These benefits can include wage replacement for a temporary disability and cover all medical expenses, including the cost of treatments, prescriptions and ER visits. Victims may wish to have an attorney’s assistance throughout the process.