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National Safety Council gives advice to enhance workplace safety

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Blog, Workplace Safety

Workplace safety should be of paramount importance in Wisconsin and across the country. While many workplaces are attentive in ensuring that their employees are kept safe, there are still strategies for improvement. To that end, the National Safety Council emphasizes overall safety with its National Safety Month.

This has been an annual event since 1996, encouraging workplaces to be aware of how to help employees avoid accidents and injuries. The NSC says that there are critical factors from the perspective of employers and employees. This was true prior to the current health crisis and now takes on even greater importance. The NSC focused on the following factors: mental health, a positive culture for safety, worker ergonomics and safe driving.

Workers are facing more mental stressors than ever. In the past, there was a limited understanding along with few available treatments. Using various methods to encourage workers to talk about their challenges, the NSC hopes that more treatment options will be available for employees before they miss time and need workers’ compensation. Safety culture includes workers being properly trained, communicating, having effective leaders and feeling free to seek guidance.

Ergonomics is about workers being efficient to reduce the risk of injury. It might be perceived as sitting with good posture and having a comfortable chair, but it is more comprehensive than that. Everyone at the workplace needs to be on the same page regarding workplace safety. In addition, driving has inherent dangers. When workers need to be on the road, ideas to be safe include avoiding distraction, being vigilant and adhering to the law.

Even if workers and workplaces band together for optimal safety practices, accidents and injuries can happen. Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to cover medical costs, lost income, retraining and more. Legal professionals may help with filing the claim, dealing with disputes and addressing other issues.