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Man dies after construction accident in Horicon

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | Workplace Accident

You’ve been working with your company for a long time. You know that your employer takes pride in providing a safe workplace, but you’ve also seen accidents happen when they shouldn’t have. It’s the truth that safety is everyone’s job, but you can’t always rely on others to do what is right to protect themselves or others. Accidents happen, even when people are doing what they can to be safe.

Work-related accidents can leave people with serious injuries or result in fatalities that leave families reeling. Take for example a case out of Wisconsin in which a man was killed in a construction accident at Horicon Junior-Senior High School.

The man was working in Horicon when debris fell from above. The worker, reportedly in his 30s, was struck in his face and on the head. Unfortunately, he did not survive the injuries he suffered and passed away at a local hospital.

This kind of incident is one that should never happen in a safe workplace. There are safety steps that need to be taken to prevent debris from falling. There are special kinds of personal protective equipment, or PPE, that workers should wear to protect their heads and faces if they are going to be exposed to potential falling items.

If someone you love is killed or hurt in an accident like this, you should know that workers’ compensation may cover their hospital bills, lost wages and other expenses and financial losses. If an accident happens on the job, then it’s only fair that their family is protected and compensated fairly.