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Top reasons for OSHA crystalline silica enforcement

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2020 | Workplace Injuries

OSHA has been enforcing its standards for respirable crystalline silica is Wisconsin as it has in the rest of the country. Here is some more information on the top types of violations that employers have been cited for during enforcement efforts.

The standard is that construction workplaces must take steps to limit their workers’ exposure to respirable crystalline silica. They must also take steps to protect workers from these hazards on the job. One of the things that they must do is to conduct an exposure assessment, and the failure to do this is the top reason why employers are fined. Another obligation that employers sometimes do not follow is to ensure that there is a written exposure control plan. They cannot simply use a global plan to fulfill this obligation and must have a specialized plan for their work environment.

The third-highest rate of enforcement is for workers being exposed in excess of their personal exposure limit. Exposure can have negative effects on the worker’s lungs and can cause lung disease. Anytime a worker cuts or drills certain minerals, they are at risk of exposure to the silica, and those using handheld power tools are at the greatest risk. OSHA regularly addresses workplace violations through inspections and responding to specific complaints that are filed.

Those who have been injured on the job must seek compensation through a special system known as worker’s compensation since they can only sue the employer in the rarest of circumstances. Worker’s compensation is a specialized system that is separate from the courts. Many injured workers can benefit from the counsel of an attorney who may help them navigate this system and assist them in filing their claim in a manner that can be approved.