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Hotel cleaners face many hazards while working

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2020 | Workplace Illness

If you work in a hotel as a cleaner, you should be aware that there are some real risks to your health. Some of the risks you face include:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders from pushing carts, making beds, and bending
  • Respiratory illnesses from bleaching agents and aerosols
  • Skin reactions from latex and detergents
  • Slips, trips or falls resulting in traumatic injuries
  • Infection disease from touching biological waste or bloodborne pathogens
  • Occupational stress because of workload, low pay, discrimination or job insecurity

All of these risks to your health are preventable, though. With the right safety techniques, it’s possible to identify and evaluate the hazards that are present in your workplace.

What are some ways to reduce the risk of injury as a cleaner?

One good idea is to use ergonomic equipment. This includes using ergonomic vacuum cleaners, ergonomic carts and long-handled tools. It’s also very important to understand how to read hazard labels and to know what is in the cleaners that are being used. Certain cleaners, like those containing bleach or ammonia, cannot be used together safely.

It’s essential that everyone on a cleaning team knows what steps to take if a coworker falls ill or is hurt on the job. Your employer should have a safety plan, and you should be aware of all chemical safety requirements for the chemicals that are being used in the workplace.

If and when injuries happen, your employer should track those injuries and make changes in the workplace to prevent injuries from occurring again in the future. You can file for workers’ compensation to seek coverage for your medical expenses and any lost wages you suffer as a result of the occupational hazard.