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If you’re hurt at work, take the right steps to get help

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Workplace Injuries

Injuries often happen in workplaces, leaving workers with injuries that they didn’t expect and that impact their ability to do their jobs. From eye injuries to hearing loss, the injuries that workers suffer vary but can have a significant impact on their lives.

When you’re hurt on the job, it’s important that you take steps to file a claim. You can file a claim with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer. Most employers are required to hold this insurance, so if your employer does not, this might be something to discuss with your attorney.

What do you need to do after an injury?

After you get hurt at work, you should seek medical attention right away. This is the most important thing to do, since your health trumps all else.

Once you’re medically stable, you should let your supervisor know what you were injured on the job. If you can let them know before you go to the hospital or a doctor, then that’s great. If not, let them know as soon as you can.

Your employer should then report the injury to their insurance provider. At that point, the claim may be approved or denied based on various factors. If your claim is denied, then it will say why it was denied. Take this denial letter to your attorney, so you can get advice on how to appeal and get the coverage you need.

Your employer should be willing to help you after an injury, but if they won’t, you can speak with your attorney about the steps to take next.