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After an eye injury on the job, get help fast

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2019 | Uncategorized

You were working in the office when you accidentally tripped over a coworker’s messy workspace. When you fell, you hit your head on an extended cabinet, and it happened to scrape your eye.

When you stood back up, everyone seemed worried about your head, but it was when you realized that you couldn’t see well that the reality of what had happened set in.

What should you do after an eye injury at work?

In a case like this, it’s important to call 911 immediately or to have someone take you to the nearest emergency room right away. Your employer should be informed and encourage you to seek care. This is not the appropriate time for an employer to ask you to stay until the end of your shift or to act as if your injury is not serious.

After you suffer an eye injury, it’s important to be seen by a medical professional due to the potential for losing your sight. The last thing anyone wants to see happen is for you to lose your sight, so early intervention is necessary. With treatment, many eye injuries recover.

How can you make a claim for the injury?

If your employer was at the scene, they should already be preparing to file a report of your injury. This report, combined with information about your medical care, can be used to file a workers’ compensation claim.

When you make your claim, you should include information about what happened and documents that show what kind of care you received and may need in the future. When you see a doctor, you should inform them that this was a work-related injury, so that they can give you the correct documentation.

What should you do if your employer tries to argue against the claim?

It is your right to make a workers’ compensation claim. If your employer argues against your claim and the result is a denial of benefits, then it’s smart to turn to your attorney for help with an appeal. So long as you have evidence that the injury took place at work while you were on the job and that you had to seek care, there should be no question that you’re entitled to workers’ compensation. If you receive a denial letter, take it to your attorney to review the reason for the denial and to work on an appeal, so you can receive compensation in the future.