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Software may help contractor reduce accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2018 | Workplace Safety

It is no surprise to anyone in Wisconsin that many people are injured or even killed while performing their jobs on construction sites. Even with strong laws in place that provide direction on proper safety procedures and required personnel education and management, accidents on construction job sites continue to happen. Some people might even believe it is just something to be accepted as part of the construction industry. Others, however, may have a different view.

One general contractor based in Boston, Massachusetts appears to be in the latter category. In an effort to reduce jobsite accidents, the company is investing in the development of algorithmic-based software. As reported by Technology Review, the software might be able to take in data from multiple sources and one of those sources could be photographic images in real time. The software would scan the images and be able to detect safety violations or risks and create some sort of alert so action might be taken if need be.

There may even be the possibility that the software could rate different risks in level of seriousness so it would be known when more immediate intervention may be appropriate or when a briefing at a later time may suffice.

Whether or not this software comes to fruition is yet to be seen but the fact that the construction industry itself is promoting this indicates an acknowledgement of the problem and need to improve safety. In the meantime, Wisconsin construction workers who need help after an accident might find it useful to talk with an attorney to learn how they may seek compensation.