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Important details about OSHA’s Focus Four

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2018 | Workplace Safety

When it comes to staying safe while on the job, Wisconsin residents should be able to trust that their employers have established proper policies and procedures designed to keep everyone safe while performing their work. Part of helping make this happen and come to live is training not just supervisors and managers but all staff members.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has developed a wide array of materials to be used in this type of training. Some materials focus on what OSHA calls the Focus Four. These are the four most commonly seen factors in accidents in the construction industry in particular but they may also be factors in accidents in other industries as well. The Focus Four includes electrocutions, being caught in an object or between objects, being struck by an object and falls.

As explained by EHS Safety News America, two of the big electrocution risks that workers face include faulty equipment or wiring or contact with power lines overhead where an employee or a team is working. Inspecting cords and other items, using GFCI and maintaining safe distances from all power lines is important here. Being caught in or between items accounts for nine percent of workplace fatalities.

In incidents in which a worker is struck by an object, it is a falling object that is involved 25 percent of the time. The remaining three out of four times it is a heavy object that makes contact with the worker. Falls remain a serious problem, accounting for 34 percent of worker deaths.