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The nation’s most dangerous industries

On Behalf of | May 1, 2018 | Workplace Accident

Most Wisconsin employees go through daily work shifts without a thought given to workplace injuries. Others do not have this luxury, with certain risks being an inherent part of the job. Although most companies enforce specific safety precautions, countless incidents occur each year. Out of the plethora of mishaps that occur in the workplace, which industries have the highest number of workplace accidents?

Surprisingly enough, not all dangerous jobs deal with heavy equipment or weather extremes. Wisc News shares that, of the 4,836 workplace deaths that occurred in the U.S. in 2015, a large majority involved transportation jobs. Slips, trips and falls followed closely behind, with 800 fatal work injuries taking place that year. Many employees may wonder, what specific jobs saw such accidents? According to Wisc, taxi drivers and chauffeurs saw the most fatal incidents in 2015. Other types of work with a significant number of fatal injuries included ground maintenance, electrical power-line installation and agricultural work.  

24/7 Wall Streets adds to the above list in an article on the nation’s most dangerous jobs, first naming heating and air conditioning work as common accident hot spots. Contact with harmful substances and exposure to extreme temperatures are typical culprits in this industry. Painters and construction workers also face significant danger on a daily basis, as outstanding heights present a natural hazard to workers. Another, perhaps lesser-discussed industry is that of sports; 24/7 notes that athletes suffered from 4,250 nonfatal injuries in 2016 alone. Overlapping slightly with Wisc News’ list, 24/7 also mentions that those who frequent roads for a living face a natural danger on the job. Accidents love to occur when workers least expect them — becoming aware of the dangers in one’s own industry can make all the difference.