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Can technology improve construction worker safety?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2018 | Workplace Safety

Anyone who works in the construction industry in Wisconsin knows just how many dangers abound on a regular basis on the average jobsite. Despite the fact that construction is an inherently dangerous occupation, it nonetheless remains a right of workers to know that their employers will take appropriate steps to ensure their safety. These steps may involve a variety of things from the implementation of safety protocols, worker training, equipment inspections and more.

Some reports are taking a closer look at the role that technology may be able to play in keeping construction workers safe. Some of the technologies reviewed include the use of radar to more regularly and accurately call to a driver’s or operator’s attention people or things that may be in their blind spots. This can be useful also on work locations that are extremely dusty to the point of impeding visibility to see such things. Similarly the use of cameras on machines such as excavators might allow operators to have better visibility all around their vehicles.

Implementing special technology for reverse signals so that these signals can be heard even by workers wearing headphones or other ear protection could also provide benefits so that they are actually heard and the location is appropriately identified so an accident may be avoided. 

Certainly technology alone cannot prevent all accidents but it may help. A construction worker who is injured in an accident at work might want to reach out to a lawyer to learn how they may seek help and compensation.

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