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Workers can protect themselves from repetitive strain injury by being able to identify symptoms and by taking preventative measures.

Repetitive strain injury, also known as Cumulative Trauma Disorder, can happen to people in Wisconsin when a single type of motion is repeated again and again. Over time, damage builds up in the parts of the body that are put under stress. Now that computers are common in many workplaces, workers have found the use of mouse pointers and keyboards to be a common cause of repetitive strain injury.

Other professions are vulnerable to these kinds of injuries as well. Musicians can find their arms, hands, or fingers become injured. Meat packers, stock room employees, and other heavy lifters may find their feet, knees, or backs injured. Anyone who is constantly using the same soft body tissues, muscles, nerves and tendons can potentially sustain repetitive strain injuries.

Knowing how to identify a repetitive strain injury

There are many different signs that indicate that a person is dealing with one of the many types of Cumulative Trauma Disorders. Those who use computers may find their necks, shoulders, or upper backs are sore. Injuries of the arms, wrists or hands may be indicated by a need to massage those areas.

If a person is waking up at night because of the pain they are dealing with, it may be because of a repetitive strain injury. The affected area may be clumsier and not as strong as before. Another sign is numbness, coldness or tingling in the affected area. Stiffness, discomfort and tightness to the degree that motion is restricted is a clear sign of a repetitive motion injury.

Preventing this kind of injury

There are a lot of ways that people can keep themselves healthy and also reduce symptoms of the injuries they already have, such as those in the following list:

  • While some people may need physical therapy, for many, Pilates and yoga are a couple exercise practices that will lead to healthy joints and muscles.
  • A good way to reduce pain is to cool the area that is inflamed by using ice.
  • Another way to help the nerves and muscles is to reduce pressure by using a splint.
  • It is important for people to try not to lean forward and backward more than is necessary. An upright posture will prevent repetitive motion injuries in the back, neck, and shoulders.

Furthermore, it can be a great aid to rest and stretch often, in order to give the body the chance to naturally restore itself.

Those in Wisconsin have suffered from repetitive motion injuries at the workplace may be able to receive financial compensation to help them deal with pain and suffering, as well as with expensive medical costs. They may find it helpful to consult an attorney in the area who practices workers’ compensation law.