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How A Lawyer Can Help You File For Workers’ Comp

Wisconsin residents who are injured on the job or develop illnesses from work-related conditions can benefit from legal help when seeking workers’ compensation.

People in any type of job can find themselves injured or even ill due to a work-related condition or situation. Whether exposure to harmful chemicals or repetitive motions that cause strain and injuries are the causes, many workers find themselves unable to work. Lost income and medical expenses can take a toll on people financially.

When this happens, it is only right that employees understand the benefits that may be available to them. When investigating workers’ compensation options, working with an attorney is recommended.

Attorneys Understand Wisconsin’s Laws

A lawyer who has experience handling workers’ compensation claims will understand Wisconsin’s laws. This includes an understanding of things like the small details required for supporting information, documentation that must be completed, timelines for filing claims and more.

According to the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, as soon as an employee is injured or becomes ill, a report should be made to the employer. Employees should also take great care to keep all documents relating to medical visits or treatment. This should happen for as long as 12 years after claim payments have been completed or after the injury date. These are just some of the things that an attorney can advise an injured or ill worker about.

Helping To Prevent A Denied Claim

Pay Scale explains that there may be many reasons that a person’s workers’ compensation claim is initially denied. Some of these might include the following:

  • Previous medical conditions may be pointed to as responsible for a current illness or injury.
  • If a physician was not provided with complete or accurate details about an injury, the subsequent medical records may be incomplete.
  • A medical professional who was seen may not be part of an approved network of providers.
  • Proper procedure was not followed for reporting an injury or illness to an employer.

When an attorney is involved in a job-related illness or injury from the beginning, the employee will have guidance through all of these things. This may help to reduce the chance of having a claim denied.

Help If An Appeal Is Needed

If an employee’s claim is denied, having an attorney may be very important. One option for disputing a denied claim in Wisconsin is to request a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. Beyond that, cases may be pursued with the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission and even the Circuit Court.

Navigating these systems may not be easy for individuals and the involvement of a legal professional is always recommended to ensure details are not overlooked.